Clean Up Kit

Horsleys Accident Cleaning Kits support and protect cabin crew when dealing with airsickness and accidental spills.

Standard kits include:

●     Disposable gloves

●     Encapsulating powder sachet

●     Cardboard scoop and scraper

●     Biohazardous waste bag

●     Sanicom Sachet

●     Instruction Leaflet

Ideal for airsickness & other spillages

Hygienic, quick and safe

Disposes of any aqueous-based matter

Bespoke kits available

Product Information

Instructions for use:

Pull on the disposable gloves, then sprinkle the encapsulating powder over the area. This powder solidifies aqueous-based waste on contact. Once the spillage has hardened, use the scoop, scraper and biohazard bag to gather the waste. Finally, the Sanicom sachet should be applied to the treated area. Wash hands thoroughly.

Items within Horsleys accident cleaning kits can be modified to create bespoke kits (subject to minimum order quantities)

Packing Information

Standard Accident Cleaning Kit

  • 100 kits per case
  • Case dimensions 41 x 31 x 41cm
  • Case gross weight 5kg
  • 24 cases per standard pallet
Product Code
HOR1028 - Soiled Solution Kit 10g
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