Signature Cabin products to define a new brand.

Discover how Horsleys can help redefine your passenger experience


In 2022, a new transatlantic airline approached us for a cost-effective signature cabin product. This client needed something that could enhance the inflight experience and differentiate their brand in a nuanced, charming way. Every signature cabin product needed to feel unique, scalable and — most importantly — environmentally sustainable.



Our first project — a suite of 2-in-1 air freshener & cabin soaps — used distinct fragrances and labels to delineate the airline’s economy and premium spaces. Manufactured in-house by Horsleys, these 2-in-1 bottles take up minimal storage space and are completely leak-free, making it easy for cabin crew to change bottles mid-flight without any mess. We worked closely with the client on our two signature scents and custom labels to ensure that each space on the aircraft feels very different.

Following the success of this first project, we were invited to find new ways to infuse their brand into their onboard experience.

    Luxurious & long-lasting headrest covers

    One of the most high-visibility items in any aircraft is the headrest cover, or antimacassar. A feature of every seat and impossible to miss when walking through the aircraft, headrest covers are an incredible branding opportunity for any airline. Headrest covers also play a key role in the overall passenger experience — especially on long-haul flights.

    Rather than opting for the traditional white polycotton version, our client chose a premium-feel leatherette alternative. The material we chose is sustainably sourced, vegan-friendly and long-lasting. It’s also wipe-clean and fully printable.

    We sourced two different styles of premium-feel leatherette for the headrest cover — one for premier class and one for economy. Both versions are branded with the client’s logo and deliver a much higher standard of passenger comfort.

    Cutting plastics and boosting comfort: printed blanket collars

    Nothing beats the reassuring warmth of a personal blanket on a long-haul flight. Too often, the stark cellophane bags around a freshly-laundered blanket robs the passenger of any sense of luxury when they arrive at their seat.

    Plastic blanket bags are also a big source of single-use plastic waste on most flights. What’s more, they’re completely unnecessary with modern laundry controls. That’s why our next step with this client is to help them change how passenger blankets are packed, stored and presented.

    Printed on sustainable card stock, blanket collars give airline passengers an immediate tactile sensation when they arrive at their seats. The collars add no bulk to a stack of blankets and — unlike transparent plastic — can be custom-branded to suit any airline. For this client, we are printing two completely different designs: one for premium passengers and one for economy.

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    Here at Horsleys, we’re constantly proving that sustainability and luxury can go hand-in-hand. With just a little imagination and the right choice of cabin products, an airline’s in-flight experience can feel completely different … and it doesn’t need to cost the earth.

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