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Luxury Coffee Syrup Sachets by Horsleys


15 x 10ml

Luxury Coffee Syrup Sachets

100% natural caramel, vanilla and hazelnut flavourings

  • Convenient single-serving sachets
  • Caramel, vanilla and hazelnut
  • Alcohol-free
  • Available in any quantity
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No added free sugars
  • Nut-free
  • Vegan
delicious coffee syrups from Virtù
Individual coffee syrup sachet available in caramel, vanilla and hazelnut coffee flavourings
Luxury caramel, vanilla and hazelnut coffee flavouring sachets
Premium, all-natural, vegan coffee syrup sachets


Turning a workaday beverage into a sensuous treat All- natural caramel, vanilla and hazelnut coffee flavourings exclusively manufactured in the UK by Virtù.

A little something sweet makes a good thing even better and as a service provider, little luxuries add value to your customers' experience and make them come back for more. That's why Horsleys would like to introduce you to this range of delicious coffee syrups from Virtù, turning a workaday beverage into a sensuous treat.

Horsleys has made its name over three decades by supplying on-board essentials and luxury extras to the airline industry. But your customers don't need to be on an aeroplane when they could be on cloud nine enjoying this latest addition to our range. We are happy to take enquiries for coffee syrups from any business who would like to pep up their hot or cold drinks with a convenient burst of sumptuous flavour.

As well as their enticing taste, our coffee syrup sachets are hassle- and spill-free. One of the drawbacks of using sachets for syrup and sauces has always been the mess. Who hasn't torn off a corner of a plastic sachet and emptied the liquid contents only to find some of the fluid has found its way onto their fingertips? But not with the Virtù individual coffee syrup sachet - it is cleverly designed so that you just fold it over, snap the seal and pour out the liquid cleanly and conveniently

Clean and convenient: just fold, snap and pourOffer luxury coffee syrup as a premium benefit to your best customers or apply a surcharge for the subtle extra hint of vanilla, smooth hazelnut or shameless caramel - however you choose to share this small indulgence, your customers will be experiencing more than just a humble hot drink.


Our luxury coffee syrups can be shipped in any quantity and combination - please ask for details. Standard packs (pictured) contain 15 x 10ml sachets - three flavours, five sachets of each.

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