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Airline Headrest Covers by Horsleys
Headrest Covers 28x32cm HOR1052



Headrest Covers

Comfortable, hygienic and washable

  • Fixes first time, every time
  • Velcro (Hook & Loop) strips
  • Sturdy non-woven fabric
  • Any quantity
  • First class, economy, private jet
  • Custom print
  • Wide range of colours
  • Disposable materials available
  • Very fast turnaround


Horsleys aircraft headrest covers can be printed with your custom logo artwork and delivered to you fast in any quantity without the slightest compromise in quality. Whether you need headrest covers for a private jet or First Class or an economy cabin, we can deliver any number of custom-printed covers in a variety of fabrics.

The majority of our customers require headrest covers to be fitted with the "female" half of hook and loop (Velcro®) fasteners.

Most airline headrest covers - sometimes called antimacassars - require a permanent Velcro® fixture on the seat back. Historically, these hook-and-loop fasteners would lose their efficacy over time as they became clogged with dust and fibres, but modern hook and loop fasteners are stronger and quieter - no more noisy "riiiip!" as the hooks and loops are pulled apart - and they are very much longer-lasting because the loops are stronger and harder to stretch.

Horsleys Headrest Covers are made from non-woven fabric which is strong and does not fray and can be supplied in numerous colours to suit your livery.

Headrest covers work best when they are made-to-measure, so tell us your size requirements for best results.

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