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Aero Freshener

Airline air freshener

  • 100ml/30ml
  • 100% ozone-friendly
  • Pressure safe
  • Non-flammable
  • Antibacterial
  • Non-toxic
  • Recyclable
  • Classified as a non-hazardous cargo
  • Biodegradable deodorizer
  • Compliant with AMS 1478


The majority of Horsleys airline hygiene range is carefully formulated to be odour-neutral. But when a strong deodorant is preferable to control unpleasant smells, airlines choose the Horsleys Aero Freshener pump spray.

The Aero Freshener was developed especially for airline use and is topped with a pump dispenser so that you can spray a fine deodorant mist without the liquid being under pressure. The standard 100ml bottle is 10.5" tall, so it fits exactly in a standard KSSU/ATLAS galley drawer. And it's also available in a pocket-sized 30ml bottle for hygiene kits.

Fits exactly in a standard KSSU/ATLAS galley drawerAs standard, this very popular airline air freshener is gently fragranced with the scent of a kitchen garden. But unlike many household deodorisers, the Aero Freshener uses a chemical reaction to control unpleasant odours, rather than overpowering them.


Filled 100ml Aero Freshener pump sprays are shrink-wrapped in trays of 12. A single white Export Carton contains 12 trays (144 bottles). A single pallet contains 24 Export Cartons (3,456 bottles).

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